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Interesting Links

Three of the most adorable Japanese musicians.

Tokyo Goth and Darkwave
The website that aims to be the all-inclusive website for underground subcultures in Japan

Glam Japan
These are boys I tell ya, boys!

Jrock NYC
A boy from NYC goes to Japan and discovers Jrock...

Our dear friend Shiki who performed with us at Yaoi con 2002.

Belief Systems
A techno, electro and experimental music label.

Visual Rocks
The most complete Jrock site, including lots of indies...

One of the coolest annual gothic events!

Synthpop Goes the World
The biggest North America Synthpop Event!

Convergence VII
A net Goth paradise. Every year there is a gathering of net Goths. This year it emerges in NYC.

Multiple Insertions
The Multiple Insertions website. Secret Secret played a small part in it's production.

Zu Casa
Real Alternitive Music

The Doubtful Palace
Contrived illusions designed the dreams of men.

Blue Period
The website of Blue Period.

Hansi's Numan Page
The Aircrash Bureau

Mick Mercer
The land of the gothic photo

The LA Music Scene
Where to go to find out what is going on in LA music.