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Denki Tiger Records
A San Francisco based Synth pop label.
Synthphony Records
A New York based Synth pop label.
A Different Drum
The Source for Synthpop.
Mute Records
Many cool synth bands have been on Daniel Miller's label.
Radio Khartoum
A loose-knit association of musicians, travelers, linguists, technicians and cinů~philes.
Projekt Records
The lable for Darkwave.
Defective Records
A label dedicated to different, exciting electronic music.
Carpe Mortem Records
Gothic record label with a well connected website.
ADSR MusicWerks Records
Seattle's premier Gothic Industrial record label.
COP International Records
A Industrial, Gothic, Electronic Music label.
Charnel Records
Home of SubArachnoid Space, Crash Worship, Pain Teens, Fushitsusha, and more.
Core Dump Records
A dedicated label of avant-garde, experimental, and outlandish electronic music.
Bad News Records
A Japanese label dedicated to bringing new music to the scene.


Lexicon Magazine
A Synth pop and '80s magazine.
Newgrave Magazine
Dark and Gothic underground and surface culture magazine.
Starvox Magazine
Gothic Music Zine based in Seattle.
Carpe Noctem
A Gothic magazine.
Ghastly Magazine
LA Gothic scene and more magazine.
IndustrialnatioN Magazine
Gothic Industrial and Dark Synth magazine.
Beikoku Ongaku
For your independent pop life.
Outburn Magazine
Leading the subversive and post-alternative music revolution.
Kinetic Magazine
Reprogramming digital culture.
Keyboard Magazine
An American synth magazine.
Keyboard Magazine Japan!
Japan's super synth magazine.
Future Music
A European synth magazine.
Studio Iron Cat
Home of Steve Bennett.


Children of the Night
Gothic fanzine in serbian.

Web Zines/ Sites

Techno-Electro-Synth Pop Academy
The most complete synthpop site I've ever seen!
Welcome to the Underground...
Planet Dark
Japanese Gothic Darkwave webzine and promoter.
Osaka underground music.
Lizard Music
Independent Music for the Independent Soul.
The MartMenze Electric Site
Das synthie-pop-magazine.
The SynthPop Network
One of the best Synthpop sites on the web.
Synth Pop History
A great place for an introduction to Synth Pop
The online fanzine, home of the Cat!
Japanese Electronic Music
Nicholas D. Kent's synth music from japan site.
San Francisco's Gothic site.
Release Magazine
International alternative music web magazine specializing in electronic, techno, gothic, industrial, dark wave and similar styles.


Shrine of Lilith
San Francisco's Goth, Synthpop, and Industrial Club
Club Retro
San Diego's Synthpop Club
Club Sanctuary
Sacramento's Goth, Synthpop, and Industrial Club
Klub Xanth
San Digeo's Goth, Synthpop, and Industrial Club
Release the Bats
Long Beach's Gothic Deathrock Club
Orange County's Goth, Synthpop, and Industrial Club


Convergence 10
Convergence 7
The US's largest and longest running Gothic Festival
The New Orleans Gothic Convention