Synthpop Tour Artists

Secret Secret
Defiantly synthpop Secret Secret creates a fresh electro sound based on a foundation of Gary Numan, Xymox and the Human League. With more then a little fascination for the dark Secret Secret's gothic under pinnings are unmistakable.
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Bringing electro-pop back to its roots Ganymede has catchy, melodic, analog-driven songs just as comfortable on internet radio as on the dancefloor.
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The Persona vision combines a fascination with alternative, techno, and hip-hop creating a fresh synthpop sound.
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Exhibition creates a blend of edgy synthpop meets alternative glam rock, all freshly exhibited with a flair for dystopic reflection.
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A mass of contradictions, woven close to exclusion of the seams. Stark, warm, somber, driven, feeling, empty, and possessed of a beat.Synthesized, and always retaining some manner of melody rendered in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

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Dreams of the Fall
Dreams of the Fall means a longing for something that has passed and a hope for something to come. The fall represents that time after ascension and the time before renewal. The season itself represents the death of summer and the birth of winter.
Dreams of the Fall
Blind Before Dawn
A darkwave band showing heavy OMD and Clan of Xymox influences with a permanent hard guitar edge feel to the sound.
Blind Before Dawn
Sounding like a mesh of OMD, The Cars, and Roxy Music Moonlife meld a space age pop sound with catchy alterna-pop-rock. You can almost hear the orbiting alien space ships with their internet radio's blasting...
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See Colin Slash
SCS are trying in earnest to put some fun back into industrial music, a genre that seems to have started taking itself a bit too seriously somewhere along the line.
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The Shadow Cabinet
With a sound based on design of solid rhythm and art creating driving yet melodic bass sounds are complimented with a jarring almost urgent guitar approach such that it seems it could almost implode from sheer momentum.
Blind Before Dawn
Dark classical and intense electronic music, Julian Tulip's Licorice combines passionate vocals, heavy beats and emmersive spoken weird.
Son of Rust
Euro-Dance sugarcoats an industrial edge. Hard breakbeats and sharp Acid lines pelt desperate vocals about unrequited love and social decay.
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