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Secret Secret
Synthpop from the Darkside - that's Secret Secret. If you think synthpop is too sweet and your teeth hurt every time you sample it then you need to explore the fascination on the Darkside with Secret Secret. Based on a foundation of Gary Numan, Xymox and the Human League, S.S. knows how to craft a beat without the aid of nursery rhymes - unless you are talking the Brothers Grimm.

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Kenzo Saeki
Tokyo's Kenzo Saeki started his antics in the forbidden zone with The Hlmens back in 1980 when the New Wave Era started. Working with such notables as Maki Nomiya (Pizzicato Five), Ryuichi Sakamoto on the Neo Geo album (YMO), Pearl Bros, and Kubota, Saeki chan has covered a lot of musical ground. Fond of Secret Secret and their New Wavey Style Saeki invited them to Japan for a live, Arigato Saeki chan!

Kenzo Sama

Auto Mod
While most of Japan was being charmed by the likes of Akina and Seiko, Auto Mod was introducing the underground scene to the Gothic nature that A.M. picked up on in London. Infusing their take on Goth and Industrial Auto Mod does it like no other band in Japan. Taking cues from the original bat cavers such as Bahaus, Auto Mod likes it dark and they deliver it that way. Interested in bringing some American Goth to Japan, Genet, Auto Mods captain extraordinare, invited Secret Secret to an All Hallow's Eve event in Shibuya. Kakoii Desho!

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Take three adorable women, two talented men from Japan, mix them up, and what you get is not ABBA - it's the Happy Catchy sound that instantly grabs you at first listen. Jelleyfish (Japan) will delight you with their unique take on pop music.
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Rumi Shishido
Although she qualifies as an Aidoru, Rumi Shishido is more then just your typical singer dancer actress with kalithmatic attractive looks. Singing technopop songs in a cute voice Rumi is sure to charm the elepop lovers. Rumi will be playing with, Tomoyuki Ohki (Tomovsky), and Tadashi Ueda.
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Yukako Hayase
Pioneering the Japanese French Whisper pop Yukako Hayase is the idol of many pop singers. Working with such notables as Haruomi Hosono (YMO) and Akiko Yano, Yukako has had excellent mentors and it shows in her style and grace.
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Neurotic Doll
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Nameless Cult
Voice and Dance Performance.
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Kenichi, Shinomiya and Mamiko create the synthesizer Shibuya latin lounge beats of Elektel. This innovative dance music combining Big beat with Bossa/lounge and a twist of computerized cartoons is very popular with the Tokyo underground scene.
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Miki, Hideo, and Shinya make up Pyokn the electro urbon mondo pop sensation. This Japanese elepop band is already gaining the attention of DJs across the pond with their London breaking Ganesha.
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Hyoma Watanabe, known on the dance floor as DJ Vegas, is the man behind Systems of Romance. SoR is the Electronic Pop Sound for the 21st century pumping the Modern sounds that can make even the jaded crowd get up and dance.
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Takanori Hirai is DJ Koume. Mixing up freestyle house with direct influences from Towa Tei, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Takkyu Ishino, DJ Koume keeps the dance floor pumping. The unique selection is based on Koume's pop taste and style. This an experience you'll not want to miss.

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DJ, composer, illustrator, visual elaborator - that's Magnaroid. This mad scientist of the tables can often be seen supporting bands like Colorfilter, Elekitel, Jellyfish and Y-soniq. Magnaroid also makes cameos as half of the electro unit Magma.
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Bringing electro-pop back to its roots Ganymede has catchy, melodic, analog-driven songs just as comfortable on internet radio as on the dancefloor.
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Hailing from Fullerton, California, Travelogue features sparse, homemade, analog electronics and dry, upfront vocals, Travelogue can best be compared with the original futurists of electronic music such as Gary Numan, early Human League, Kraftwerk, John Foxx, Fad Gadget and Yaz.
An enigma of light and dark, both melodic and discordant to a world jaded by the ordinary, intrigued with the mysterious, and fascinated with the unknown.
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