Welcome to the September Synthpop Tour 2000!

Denki Tiger's recording artist Secret Secret will be touring the west coast this September, 2000. During this tour Secret Secret will be joined with other Synthpop bands. To promote this event and help you find the information that you are looking for we have constructed this special extension to the Denki Tiger website.

On this website extention you'll find information on the bands performing on this tour with Secret Secret. You be able to read the press releases. See the print ads, and gain information on where and when to catch the various events related to the tour. You'll also find the links to our sponsors. Please check out their sites, onagaishimasu!

For those of you that wont be able to make it to any of these events we will be taking photos and what not and posting them to the photos page. Keep an eye out for the fan photos as well as we will be posting them too. If by chance you take photos at the events please let us know and we might be able to put them on the website. Arigato!

Okay, come and check out the show.

The Tiger