Denki Tiger
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San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial

What you have before you is the first release in the Denki Tiger GSI series featuring Gothic, Synth and Industrial music. Denki Tiger is a strong believer in the alternative electronic movement and is proud to bring you this exciting music created with such instruments. In the future, Denki will release related titles featuring bands from Southern California, Japan and more.

The SFGSI™ release is the first compilation CD to include a ROM section with profiles from each of the artists. This ROM section is in both English and Japanese in an effort to truly reach the global community.

SFGSI also breaks new ground in creating a scene feedback loop with its sponsors section. This section lists participants that are dedicated to bringing the goth/synth/industrial community the information and products that they are seeking. Coming from all over the world with products ranging from extreme gothic fashion, to indie zines, to even artist support, there is something for everyone.