Denki Tiger

SFGSI cover art

Reviewed by Aquarius Records

V/A San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial (Denki Tiger)

An SF goth compilation completely by, for and about those of the night. Fifteen tracks in all spiral downward into the shadowy depths of darkwave and synth pop, super-saturated with synthesized string sounds, arpeggiated basslines, and programmed beats.

Heavy on the dramatic and melodramatic, the various vocalists draw easy comparisons to the classic goth kings and queens; for instance, the very Siouxsie/Danielle Dax-esque swooping female vocals of Trance To The Sun, Information Society's deep, emotive male vocals a la Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode or Peter Murphy, and Ganymede's swooning croon over clubland beats like that of Soft Cell's Marc Almond.