Denki Tiger

SFGSI cover art

Reviewed by Jett Black

Various Artists - San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial
Denki Tiger
5 stars
By Jett Black

A brilliant Denki-Pak tri-fold design makes this San Franciscan Goth Synth Industrial compilation (www.denki-tiger.com/sfgsi) a fascinating collectors-item presenting fifteen cohesive tracks. Three years in the making can spell the rise and fall of a music artist before their music is ever heard, such as the case with Battery, one of my all-time favorites, making a very special appearance with This Much, which would make any album worth the full purchase price, and yet... every track carries it own weight.

Other favorite artists include Sunshine Blind, Claire Voyant, Trance To The Sun, Info Soc, and our good friend, Rob, of Secret Secret. Shawn Brice of Battery also contributes Overdue by Bloodwire, a new band on the Horizon. Intelligent, seductive, irresistible. Hungry Lucy, follows and floors me with Alfred.

Further delighted by newcomers B! Machine who lay the Atmosphere for an all out dark devastation set forth by Information Society like you've never heard them before with On the Outside 2.1. Break-neck dancing ensues as the passion inspired by lyrical gods sink into the bloodstream.

Surprising new artist See Colin Slash provides the hardest hitting track on the SFGSI compilation with Hardcore. Seriously, if you're not dancing to this song, then you *are* dead!

This Enhanced CD features clickable Sponsor-pages filled with links and descriptions of 2 dozen or more recognizable supporters of the gothic, synth, industrial, music and fashion scenes. Topping it all off, all features and text on this incredibly innovative and unique CD ROM are made available in both Japanese and English versions.