Denki Tiger

SFGSI cover art

Reviewed by Emaline Desmond

Various Artists - San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial
Denki Tiger - DT02031

By Emaline Desmond

It seems everyone and their brother are putting out compilations these days. Sometimes they contain new bands, old bands, tributes, and a lot of times just boring crap. Most of these discs are just slapped together thoughtless coasters not worth the plastic they are pressed on. Enter the Tiger - Denki Tiger. A fresh indies label out of San Francisco with a serious Japanese influence has found a way to buck the trend. Not content to put out another "me too" compilation the Tiger has gone to great lengths to differentiate themselves from the pack.

The first thing you'll notice about this release is the artwork. Katie Miranda, an artist from San Francisco, is credited with the beautifully disturbing yet captivating cover image. The next thing to grab you is the package. Damn I've not seen an American release on this level - EVER! It is nothing short of brilliant. Describe it I might try, but believe me on this one you'll just have to see it to appreciate it.

Okay, so here we have the best looking package to hit the goth scene, hell any scene, in ages - how does the music stack up? Oddly enough it's the best part of the compilation. There are 15 bands all calling from the San Francisco bay area. Track after track you are exposed to the quality of great music that made San Francisco famous. Sure there is a variance of level as all comps have, but there is not a single dud on the whole disc.

After you wear out your cd player spinning this jewel be sure to drop it into your computer. The Tiger has given you yet another special feature. There is a cd rom section, in both English and Japanese, [don't these people sleep?] with complete artist portfolios. Bios, lyrics, current release, and contact information for each artist. But that wasn't enough either. There is information on 30 different scene related supporters. Pages of fashion designers, magazines, online record stores, artist development, and more adorns this section of the CD.

I hear this labor of love is a limited release and might be difficult to find. So get it while you still can.

Track List:

1. Claire Voyant - Majesty (regal edit)
2. Trance to the Sun - Black Sea, Black Fish (ocean edit)
3. Secret Secret - Forgotten (station mix)
4. Bloodwire - Overdue (spent mix)
5. Hungry Lucy - Alfred (haunting edit)
6. Sunshine Blind - Silent (modulation mix)
7. B! Machine - Atmosphere (mijikai mix)
8. Information Society - On the Outside 2.1
9. Battery - This Much (excited dvo edit)
10. See Colin Slash - Harcore (ctrl-13 mix)
11. Ganymede - City Dweller (city edit)
12. Moonlife - Satellite (lost in space mix)
13. Galaxxy Chamber - Millennium Maddness (glyph mix)
14. Nuit - November Song
15. Mark Pistel - What you are within, that you will be without