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Kobe Underground Festival 2004
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Denki Tiger Artists

Secret Secret

Like a Tim Burton film, Secret Secret is sure to open your fascination with the things that go bump in the night. With their fresh electro sound you'll be hooked from the moment you begin to listen. The visual gothic allure of Secret Secret creates a touch of style that will chill you with mystery. Influenced by such notables as Gary Numan, The Human League, Xymox, and Ultra Vox, this San Francisco band is putting the Dark back into Synthpop.

Frivolus Syn

Frivolous Syn is syncopated waves pulsating in the oceans of emotion on an escapade of desire. Berlin, The Human League, Blondie, Eurythmics and Ultra Vox are clear influences to this group of synth entrepreneurs. Still there is something refreshing about their purpose. Venture into this luscious world of forbidden fruit and give into the Syn, for that is what desire is all about.


Improvised button pushing and knob turning are the two hallmarks of XevenT. Their synthesizers have no keyboards in the traditional piano sense; instead they have keyboards with numbers and symbols.

XevenT contorts, modulates, and manipulates the synthesizer in real time to create evocative moods and sound scapes. It has been said that they don't use notes; their sound is experimental as only experimental can be.