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Denki Tiger Catalogue

Compilation: SF Goth Synth Industrial Vol.1

San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial is the first release in the Denki Tiger series featuring Gothic, Synth and Industrial music. With bands such as Information Society, Battery, Secret Secret, Sunshine Blind, and Trance to the Sun SFGSI is a excellent introduction to the Bay Area scene.

The SFGSI includes a special rom section featuring information about each band, song lyrics, images and other information to introduce you to these bands.

Secret Secret: A Dark Memorial

A Dark Memorial Image
Three live videos from the Dark Memorial tour. Featuring video shot in Hollywood and San Francisco. Secret Secret endarkens the stage with their antics of noir synthpop. Get enchanted with A Dark Memorial.

A Dark Memorial is a VCD featuring three videos - Forgotten, Sanctuary, and Gary Numan's Metal.

Secret Secret: The Living Secrets

The Living Secrets Image
From their college number one Nichiyobi to the pulsating Car 17 Secret Secret brings you their fresh electro sound with The Living Secrets.

The Living Secrets is live presentation enhanced CD featuring 9 tracks, 5 studio versions of the songs, band information, QuickTime video and more.

XevenT: Xevent

XevenT Image
XevenT's debut release on Denki Tiger features live recordings from their '98 and '99 concerts. In addition to the audio tracks on this disc it will also feature patches that XevenT uses in their shows. XevenT encourages everyone to use auto players.